It would be an honor to write your story in light.

"Beauty telling is a vulnerable and sacred process. My vision is to create a safe space for movement and expression which then takes thoughtful form in intimate, fine art portraits."

I was sitting cross-legged on the couch that evening, babies in bed, beverage in hand, and I was READY. Let’s DO this…weird re-branding thing…

Twenty minutes later found me slumping off the couch like a frustrated 12 year old, and I looked at my husband (and amazing second shooter) Joel, and exclaimed, “I just have no idea what to say!! I am the MOST awkward-About-Me-page-writer EVER!”

But here's the thing. I love LOVE taking pictures of people who say, “I take the MOST awkward pictures EVER!” or “We are literally the MOST awkward couple you will ever shoot!” I love showing you how NOT awkward you are.

I was literally just told this by a couple a few weeks ago. However, this is the text she sent me just three days ago when I sent them a sneak peek image from their snowy engagement shoot while waiting for my film to get back from the lab…

“Okay that’s so unbelievably epic and beautiful I might cry…”

Well, there you go. We’re not as awkward as we think we are. But we ARE all just humans trying to figure this whole thing out- you’re just trying to do this whole wedding-planning thing most likely for the first time, or trying to find your bravery to book that boudoir shoot, and I’m just trying to make a living doing what I love as an artist, wife, mama by day, and an awkward web designer/social media-business-builder by night. 

It all involves a lot of beverages.

So, hi! I’m Elizabeth Selena…and I write awkward “About Me” pages….




"Elizabeth is a fine art wedding and portraiture photographer in the Pacific and Inland Northwest. She deeply loves creating through a process of capturing form in unconventional and unexpected ways; turning the ordinary into something extraordinary and surprisingly beautiful; almost a redemption through imagery. She is passionate about loving her two little boys (and their papa), and letting her wanderlust have its way...especially if you are planning a destination wedding in Spain..."

Fine art wedding photography || Fine art boudoir photography || Fine art portraiture || Spokane, WA

Words of Kindness...

When it came to planning our wedding in February, just about everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. The one exception was our photographer, Elizabeth, who helped make our memories so magical and beautiful, despite all the stress we were under. From the first time we talked to her about what we needed, she put us at ease, and brought a fun, carefree element to our portraits session that made our photos so fun! She paid attention to the larger picture as well as the smaller details. From the picturesque Seattle skyline view to the couture beadwork on my dress, she captured it all! We have received so many compliments on our portraits and candid photos, and we love that they’re not quite like anybody else’s! Elizabeth’s outdoor photography is stunning, and her indoor shots are so beautiful too. We highly recommend SSP, and couldn’t be more pleased with our pictures. If you’re looking for someone with a great eye and attention to detail, who can also put you at ease, book with Elizabeth!
— Sasha
Our photography experiences (wedding and maternity) with Elizabeth were incredibly positive. She accords a tender and generous attention to small and often neglected details. The beads of a necklace, handmade decoration, or background flora come to mind. Still, her subjects remain the focal point and star of her shots. Besides this, Elizabeth’s ability to capture light sets her apart from many other good photographers. And she has a very relaxing energy. With Elizabeth, awkward smiles or forced expressions melt away and the shoot truly becomes more about the interaction between the subjects rather than a stilted or shy performance.
— Cari
My (now) husband and I had so much fun having our engagement photos done with Elizabeth! She truly has an opportunistic eye for settings, light, and detail. She’ll get you a unique set of meaningful photos that capture the natural chemistry between you and your partner. The only struggle we had was deciding which ones to feature on the Save The Date cards! Thank you, Elizabeth!
— Kaarin
I could not be more happy with the pictures Elizabeth has taken for me. She is a wonderful person and amazing at what she does. Her patience, utilization of natural light, attention to detail and creativity have resulted in beautiful photographs that I will always cherish. She is definitely someone I would recommend to family and friends and I look forward to working with her again in the future!
— Erin
Sage + Scarlet Photography did a great job on our wedding photos. Elizabeth really captured the feel of our families and our wedding! I picked her mostly for how well she was able to work with different lighting in her photographs, and she did not disappoint with the lighting in our wedding photos. I would highly recommend SSP for any photography needs.
— -Leva

SSP happily serves Spokane, Seattle, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, wherever else in the PNW and beyond...we love to travel!